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USB Bus Interface Board

USB Bus Interface Board

Product Information


USB Bus Interface

USB-01 : $60 USD

This package includes one of the boards shown on the top left image, plus a spare five amp fuse. This board allows your PC to communicate with Bioloid bus devices (AX-12, AX-S1, IMU, etc) using a USB cable (not included) at speeds of up to 1.0 Mbps.

The default Bioloid power brick can be plugged into this board to provide power.

This board  is compatible with a wide array of operating systems - it uses an FTDI transceiver chip to interface between the Bioloid bus and your computer's USB port.

Supported drivers / operating systems

There is also a driver available for the gumstix verdex line of single board computers. Note that only verdex (PXA-270 based) gumstix boards can interface to this board, since they have USB host available. The basix and connex lines do not support USB host, and therefore cannot interface with this board. The newer gumstix Overo boards come with an FT232 driver already installed,and thus also support this board.

The design and development of these devices was funded by The Neukom Institute.

Product Code: USB-01


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